Who Is This Website For?

And who, you ask, is this website for?  Well, in a word, hopefully everyone, potentially.  Perhaps it will be for you like the deep murmurings were for me, each hint, or clue, or synchronicity making a difference at the right time.  Each “whisp” somehow just showing up in our awareness and wondering if its own reality and its own potential will become a part of your journey also – what a conversation maker that is.

Everyone is on a journey through their life, whether they want to be really present in it or not.  So, let’s leave the invitation open to anyone and everyone.  But there will be some who will find it more helpful and timely than others at particular times in their lives.

For example, when you come to a point where you are aware that “it” just doesn’t seem to be working well any more.  That may bring with it an inkling that you are disconnected in some significant way from yourself, your more authentic self, or from a larger and more important connection to the more substantial world of connections.

It may be for those who are waking up to the idea that they have played out a system which is no longer really working for them.  Not to be negative, but perhaps they are sensing a “train wreck” looming all too often, or that they have been lost in a quagmire of their own consequences.  Or that with good fortune they find themselves having been washed ashore but still alive.  And then they realize that their real connections have to shift and to do that they must find their new chosen values and find their way each day – discovering it anew with each round.

It may be for those who are also the slow starters and the late bloomers, whether you were drifting, or shut down, or disconnected, or never really launched in your live – yet.  Simply, those who just couldn’t find a path that made sense to them.  Yet there was that part which still yearned for something you could really connect to, and put your feet into.

No matter what the previous path, the universe, I believe, offers another door with more life and better possibility than perhaps their closed door world has been offering to them so far.

And let’s never forget the ever present “tic – toc” of time in the background with its own inexorable movement, reminding us that everything that has a beginning has an ending.  To me, personally, that was scary, but wonderful when I recognized and accepted the possibility of new real growth and development.

It goes without saying that I welcome your stories – especially those which involved struggle and risk, your learnings along the way, your inputs, and helpful comments.  In fact, I look forward to them.