About “Being Into The Journey”

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This website is an offshoot of my interest in how people find their way in life, and having done that, how they then find their way in their life. To me this is not a matter of idle curiosity. It goes right towards the top of the list of perennial questions and tasks which, I suspect, every person who has ever roamed the planet has asked themselves and which they ponder over from time to important time.

Here are my other top-of-the-list questions: What’s it all about? What is my talent or gift? How will I make use of it? Is there a purpose to my life and if so, what is that purpose? How do I fit into this vast universe? Do I count? Does anything really matter, and if so, what really matters to me? What makes for a life well lived?

I’m sure others would add other questions – what are your favorites? -, but for me this is a workable list and grappling with it should keep me out of trouble for a while. Notice that I didn’t ask where did I / we come from, or what happens after our body dies. They are interesting questions but for me they are best placed in the bucket of “The Mystery” and having done that, to then get on with the other “business” of actually finding your way in life, living a meaningful life, and then going about being and doing that.

These questions have been with me for most of my lifetime. Mostly they were in the background, not quite just noise, but easy to put aside…or put away, either out of frustration of not making significant progress with coming up with adequate answers, or due to the press of distraction, avoidance, and the ten-thousand-things. But they kept coming back, especially in the quiet times and in the times of quiet turmoil. Their coming back had a curious effect; their presence became more a representation of signal rather than noise. Maybe that’s why they kept up with their insistent partially formed murmurings.

They would come as quiet reminders that they were still there and still waiting for honest dialogue…authentic dialogue. That dialogue started to shape up with what I call my conversations between me, myself, the real-me, the Creator, the Universe, and anyone else who shows up and can further that exploration.


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Material for the exploration came from “signs,” synchronicities, snippets of conversations (real and imagined), memories, clues, bits and pieces, dreams, pain, and whisps of consciousness, which would briefly “materialize” in my mind ever so subtly and briefly, before quietly vanishing.

The questions, and the grapplings with them, were thankfully rewarded with insights – occasionally. The insights just appeared, without fanfare, and showed up quite quickly. Thankfully I learned to jot down those insights as soon as they came to me. From long experience I knew that I had to hold onto them immediately before distraction or habit or “thickness” would “rub” them out.

The further questions arose as to which of these insights or hints were to be held onto. One of the letters of authentication, which I came to trust was a spontaneous and gentle nodding of my head coupled with a whispered “yessssss…!” Another was to look for a sense of energy or life force contained within and attached with the phrase, image or sense. It was a special delivery package just being presented and left there briefly, with its own wondering, perhaps, as to whether it would be noticed and perceived for its own reality and potential.

When these packets passed muster then it was necessary to remember them and to embed them in such a way that they had a better chance of being in “near consciousness.” That task turned out to be more difficult than I ever anticipated. What helped was to write them down, write about them in my journal, talk about them into my digital recorder, and just generally repeat them in fresh ways, often. It was like I found ways to hold them with a light but persistent grasp.

One of those “packages” which I claimed was that I was a slow learner and a late bloomer. No apologies or excuses or explanations. Just a recognition of the truth of it all. But with that came a chorus which said…yes, but I have learned and I am blossoming. With that came a series of next questions which led to further exploration and necessary learning.

Let me share at this moment also that writing about this, and reading it aloud for the website, has brought with it an awareness that I am talking about my journey of self-discovery and growth. It’s a sharing of steps along the way each of which helped to clarify and encourage further movement. Each of these steps has helped me along the way and helped me to experience a shifting from just brailing my way along the way to finding my way. Let me also be crystal clear here that I am in no way trying to imply that it has all been a straight line process. The truth is that it has been circuitous, windy, punctuated with missteps, mistakes, reversals, stumblings, and many side excursions. Fortunately, however, there seems to be a subtle North Star which helps with my compass readings across time to help me along the way.

For sure this description is in the abstract, or “over-view mode,” and doesn’t include all the stories which are the more obvious part of my journey. Those stories will be peppered throughout this website as appropriate and helpful as we go along.


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Let’s move back again to the “about” part of this website. It is about the journey of each person’s life. It is about waking up from the slumber. It’s about waking up from the crushing effect of living a life which is dominated by rote activity devoid of meaning or spirit, or dominated by calloused habits. It is about moving beyond the jack rabbit world of attachments gone wild or of endless distractions. It is about moving from preoccupation with the externals to moving towards inner experience and the depth of personal experience which is reviewed and learned from. It is about learning and claiming our own personal Gnosis. It is about how each person becomes their own person and also recognizes that in spite of all the external differences, we share much more in common than we want to admit.

This website is an expression of all of these things and intends to share the process of these developments by talking about how others have come to find their way. I will share my stories and add my thoughts as I can, and I will also share through written and spoken material how others have also experienced their journey and what was helpful or not along their way.

I would be pleased if you find this material helpful.   Feel free also to share it with anyone else who you think would personally find it helpful and beneficial.

In short, welcome to “Being Into The Journey,” and to the stories and discoveries of The Wayfinders Project.