Here’s a little about me…and my journey.

Tim Hodgens

Tim Hodgens





  1. Tim, it’s good to find you again! I have to spend time catching up with your new blog.

    If you don’t already know it, look up “Innermost House” on YouTube and Google. I think you’ll find it interesting. They also have a Facebook page if you’re on there.

    • Hi Al,

      Good to hear from you, too.

      I have looked at The Innermost House, both their website which is very elegant and also their videos on YouTube. They have created a very special place for themselves and, I’m sure, also for those who go there for innermost conversations.

      More than anything, however, they have by all appearances created something which is a total reflection of how they want to live their lives. One point. I think it might drive me crazy after awhile but then again they might be bonkers if they were in my situation.

      I look forward to your comments to some of my postings and I’ll get to your blog and make some there comments also.


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