What This Website Is All About

1. This website is about The Journey; the journey which is here for each of us to recognize.  It is a present for each of us, whether we acknowledge it or not.  It will reflect what our experiences are, how we deal with the opportunities which are contained in the events, our stuckness, our incompleteness, our personal dirt or tarnishings, and our growth and development.

All of what was just said is there for the picking by each person.  But The Journey takes on a life of its own through recognition and choice and investment of our own life force.  When we look at the events individually we look at the historical facts.  We can create a story which makes for an interesting linking of events and that can either be total fiction consciously chosen, or clear or unrecognized mirage. In that sense it is a way to present ourselves to “the world.”  It can also be used for entertainment – think Hollywood, or the theater of the political realm.

However, when we look for, perceive, listen to the murmurings running through the events and then add our own interpretation and explanation, we are moving towards our narrative.  The source of this comes primarily from within; from something more inwardly authentic.  It can be elaborated into our own unique compass rose and as such it carries implied and chosen compass readings which can help with our directions and choices in life.

2.  There is a further interest pursued in this website.  It is in the transitions along the way.  It may be as simple as a before and after the shifting.  It may be about the awareness that the journey is about the events, like different sea shells strung together into a bracelet, or, about The Journey which recognizes the shells but within a context that there is something much deeper and more robust which engages us further.  That aspect of The Journey also draws us into mystery and leads us to recognition of purpose, gifts, meaning, luck and relationship to Self, other, and potentially to the whole universe.

3.  There is a further focus on the events of how a person shifts from one historical state to the possible beginnings and enhancement of another. One part here is explored in what I am calling “The Dark Nights Of The Soul Project.”  Not dark in the sense of nasty or malevolent, but rather in the sense of a deep sense of lostness, separation, incompletion, and recognition that what has developed in our life is what is summarized with the words, “I / We have come to recognize that the life we have been living, going through, supporting simply isn’t working any more for us.”

4.  And, finally for now, there is the discovery of the traces left by others of how they came to deal with their “dark nights” and the steps they took to move on towards their second birth.  That part of the website will be explored in another project which I am calling “The Footprints In The Sand Project.”

5.  This will all be described in a context of exploration, sharing, elaboration, hinting, hunting and asking.  I will be sharing from my own experiences and will try to convey the essence of my “events” but it won’t degrade into the trivialization of a “reality show tell-all.”

6.  Please feel free to walk away from this.  Equally, feel free to comment and share as you wish.  If you have any comments on where you would like this discussion to go, feel free to leave your input directly in the comments section or to email me back channel.

7.  Finally, a disclaimer; some may come to this website through a professional connection.  If you expect and / or need me to be totally all together, without doubts, without baggage, without fault, etc., then you’ve got the wrong cookie here.  As I say in my sessions, “we talk here, we do as well as we can, and it’s an imperfect world.  If you’re interested, hop aboard.

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