1. I periodically find myself in a down state that might last for a few days or a few weeks. I used to think it was that seasonal disorder brought on by low light in the winter, but it’s not just that. I don’t know that it’s clinical depression, but I know it’s real. So far, I always have faith that it will run its course and I’ll get back to normal, so I tend to wallow in it a bit. I spend a lot of time alone, so I can be quiet and moody without much notice.

    I’m not sure everyone looks inward and wonders why we’re here. I seem to run into plenty of people who happily lead unexamined lives.

    • Hi Al,

      I’ve been thinking about intermittent energy – think solar panels. They work, i.e., convert solar energy which can be stored in batteries for later use to power appliances, as long as there is an external source of energy which can be converted. But if it’s raining out, not much juice will be produced.

      Sometimes I think that model is a more natural reflection of how people lived their lives through the centuries. You and I now have a life experience where we have access to continuous energy at the flick of a switch. As long as that energy keeps flowing we can keep doing things.

      Our society has corrupted that process by placing “the economy” in the center of our consciousness altar. We, collectively, make use of that energy to keep producing things and pushing ourselves to do (and buy.) Then collapse…but as we speak there are commercials for liquid energy in a small container…eight hours of energy are promised with a quick gulp – in order to keep us working through the 8 hours. It’s even so convenient that you don’t have to get up from your desk and computer. Pop it open, take it in one big gulp and get right back into the rigged game. Oh, man, there I go again.

      We have been “pushing” for so long to “do” things that the ending of action, even temporarily, is seen as decay or failure. In that sense, we (?especially men?) feel a need to hide that experience from others.

      From this point of view, low energy is just part of the cycle. It’s intermittent. Nothing wrong with that. It’s a time to be by self, to chill, to recharge, to meander inside or outside, to enter and be with nature.


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